At Blue Nation we’ve also been holidaymakers, we’ve been snorkelers, beginner divers, experienced divers… We have sought (and still do) for the same things you do right now, and we understand your needs.
We’ve come a long way and thus, have come to the standards of quality that define us today. Along the way we developed strict principles and ideology, aimimg to satisfy the most demanding of our guests. We have sum it up for you in this page.

Doing It Right

Also referred as “DIR” for short, it’s an approach to SCUBA diving that takes into account several aspects like equipment configuration and standarization, solid foundational skills and team procedures, among others.

It was developed during the 90s by underwater cave explorers in an effort to increase safety and efficiency during their dives, and it rapidly made its way into general recreational diving as well.

The DIR approach is characterized by a minimalistic and streamlined equipment configuration, thorough training, focus on team work and a strong theoretical and practical background. All this backed up by thousands of dives in all sort of environments.

At Blue Nation every dive guide and instructor is DIR trained and follows its guidelines so you can enjoy a safer dive. In the same way, all our courses, regardless of the agency, are taught under these principles. This goes for a more comprehensive and thorough progression through your formation as a diver. Whatever you learn in an Open Water entry level course, you will still use in the most advanced wreck dive, gear and all!

You can learn more about the DIR philosophy here.

Highly Trained Professionals

Sustainable practices

Have you ever been guided by an unexperienced or unprepared divemaster? Or maybe taken beyond the limits of your certification or experience? Rest assured, that won’t happen here!

We have a rule at Blue Nation: every guide or instructor is trained as a diver at least one level above his professional certification. This means that your guide in a recreational dive, aside of being a DIR diver, will be at least trained for advanced & deep dives, and your Open Water instructor will be at least Technical Diving trained.

This ensures that your guide will be a good technical model and will have ample knowldege to react and assist in any situation, staying always within safe limits. If you are taking a course, this will ensure that what you learn will be consistent and coherent with further levels of training, and your tuition will have higher standards.

A good dive pro is not only made by teaching or guiding, but also by undertaking challenges, participating in expeditions and putting  yourself in real life scenarios. We actively participate in exploration dives and training sessions to keep ourselves updated and our skills honed so we can pass this expertise (and all the fun!) to you.

We owe much to the Ocean and we are commited to give back.

At Blue Nation we have adopted several eco-friendly pratices, and we are determined to become a 100% green company. Some of the things we do are:

  • Use and sell only reef-safe sun screen. Do you know that even one drop of some toxic sun screen  ingredients can pollute a water volume of one olympic size swimming pool and kill all the corals that live in it?
  • Avoid using disposable plastics and, when feasible, we employ only natural or eco-friendly materials, like bamboo, recycled paper, etc.
  • Use and provide as many local products as we possibly can, including meals and drinks, mexican-made wares and equipment, etc.
  • We continuously work on creating and offering new services and products as an alternative to traditional non sustainable activities.
  • Collaborate with the local community and entities in order to preserve and protect our Ocean.
  • Promote the formation and training of the local communities.


At Blue Nation we actively lead or participate in exploration and documentation expeditions.

This is a big part of who we are, and we believe it is not only fun, but part of our duty to go where nobody has gone before (hope you like Star Trek) and bring those undiscovered wonders to the public. By this we aim not only to expand the limited knowledge we currently have of our Ocean, but to create awareness and promote its conservation, as well as provide new exciting opportunities for divers that wish to support the project. Check our blog regularly to find out what’s going on!