Meet the "Aguacuate"

The boat that we love

Our boat fits 8 divers + guide on a 2 tank trip comfortably

dive tank rack

Set you gear in comfort

happy boat

Ample room and sitting space


Half of a dive centre is their boats. Here at Blue Nation we have personally designed our own, and because we are so fun we called it The Aguacuate! It means “Water Buddy”, but sounds like “Avocado” in spanish, ain’t we smart?
The 26 foot long hull can comfortably fit up to 6-7 divers or 10 snorkelers plus 2 crew members, and all the equipment for 2 dives plus spares. The boat was built having snorkelers and divers in mind, so we count with a wider deck and ample space around the aisles. The centered tank rack and main bench provide more stability in rough seas and shelter from splashes, leaving the edges clear for quick backrolls into the water, so you don’t have to wait in your wetsuit. Below the seats there is plenty of room for fins and bags so nobody trips on anything! We also count with seats over the bow that are ideal for easy cruising or just chilling. Getting back on board won’t be an issue neither, as our custom made dive ladder is designed to get you back on board with no effort, gear and all! Is it a hot sunny day? No probs! Our ample shade will keep you UV protected.
Last but no least, we count with a 300 HP Suzuki outboard motor, providing that extra power and safety that makes a good boat an excellent one, and a must for longer distance trips and rough seas. Distances can be great in Baja, the shorter the ride, the longer the dive!

We have a all the required emergency equipment onboard, including radio, flares, emergency oxygen, first aid kit and life vests.

We can say hands down that this is the best and the safest dive boat there is in the area. We love our little Aguacuate!

300 HP engine  for power and safety

dive ladder

Custom dive ladder