The nature around Loreto hides more than one can see at plain sight. Venture into the Sierra de La Giganta and discover numerous canyons, vertical gorges, rivers, cascades and oasis. Postcard-like landscapes that you won’t expect and will keep you wondering what lies behind the next corner. At Blue Nation we live in the water and when we are not out to the sea, we are wading our way through canyons, or looking for new waterfalls or turquoise ponds. We are always on a quest to find the most gorgeous water!

Captain Azur wants you to know that...

  1. All our hikes have been tested and designed by us, personally! This is the only way we can assure our standards of quality.
  2. Every tour is conducted by at least one guide. Our guides speak different languages and are knowledgeable. They are also CPR and First Aid trained, and will carry all the required emergency equipment with them.
Adventure awaits

Our Hikes

A deeply carved oasis

The Mezquite

Natural swimming pools

$50 USD per person (minimum 3)

Transportation to the canyon is not included. Hikers must have their own vehicule (high clearance is required), or we can arrange it for you.

This is our favorite canyon in Loreto!

A half-day adventure (approx. 5 hours) that will take you deep in the heart of the Sierra de La Giganta, the local mountain range.

This canyon is one of the steepest and most scenic hikes you can do in the area. The gorge was carved by the erosion of the stream that flows at its bottom. We will follow this river upstream, wading through its numerous ponds and natural pools of turquoise waters. In the way you will discover a plethora of life, including reptiles, frogs, gazillions of dragonflies, acuatic insects, wild horses and goats etc.

We guarantee that your jaw will drop when we walk among the gigantic walls, or when we venture through narrow, wiggling passages. This place is also as green as it gets, with lush vegetation after every corner, and several places where we can swim. The way back goes over the top ridge of the canyon wall, offering an incredible view of this geological wonder.

We include drinks and meals, but hikers should bring their own supply of water and proper hiking clothing. A reasonable level of fitness is required, as there are a few scrambling sections and waist-level wading.