The nature around Loreto hides more than one can see at plain sight. Venture into the Sierra de La Giganta and discover numerous canyons, vertical gorges, rivers, cascades and oasis. Postcard-like landscapes that you won’t expect and will keep you wondering what lies behind the next corner. At Blue Nation we live in the water and when we are not out to the sea, we are wading our way through canyons, or looking for new waterfalls or turquoise ponds. We are always on a quest to find the most gorgeous water!

Captain Azur wants you to know that...

  1. All our hikes have been tested and designed by us, personally! This is the only way we can assure our standards of quality.
  2. Every tour is conducted by at least one guide. Our guides speak different languages and are knowledgeable. They are also CPR and First Aid trained, and will carry all the required emergency equipment with them.
The better preserved fossilized reef in Baja

The Prehistoric Reef

coral fossil

$1,900 MXN per person (minimum 2)

Boat ride, guide, snorkel gear and food are included in the price. You must bring your own water bottle and adequate hiking gear (boots, long sleeve shirt and trousers recommended).

One of the rarest and better hidden gems of our Marine Park lies within the wilderness of Coronados Island.

The Gulf of California is world famous because its biodiversity and natural values, and it’s one of the most dynamic and everchanging ecosystems there is out there. Clear signs of this and of ancient biodiversity , very different to the one we witness today, can be found all around the peninsula.

Millions of years ago, our climate was different, and other life forms and habitats existed. Coronados island hides one of the most spectacular traces of these ancient times: the best example of a prehistoric lagoon and coral reef from the Pleistocene era, 160.000 years ago, that can be found in Baja.

Only accesible by boat and then by an scenic bushwalk, this nowadays dry lagoon still preserves its coral reef in pristine conditions. Coral heads are still perfectly visible and in the same position where they used to be when they were alive, telling us a story of more humid and warmer times, where the sea level was higher that it is today.

After a short boat ride, we will take a scenic bushwalk through the shell-made limestone terraces and typical flora that will eventually lead us to the mouth of the prehistoric basin. The lagoon is huge, with more than 200 meters / 650 feet wide and 12 meters / 40 feet deep, and hiking inside of it is a wonder.

You will learn about the geological history not only of the island, but of all Baja, and after the hike, we will reach Ensenada Blanca, a white sand, idilic beach where you can snorkel, swim, have lunch or just relax until the time come to return to town.

An unique experience that only a few know about!

coral reef
Ancient lagoon
coronados beach