Our Services

SCUBA cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP)

Every high-pressure cylinder is required to pass a Visual Inspection test (VIP) every year in order to be able to dive it or fill it with compressed gas. We count with SNT-TC-1A recognized certifications for Non Destructive Testing. Our technicians  will dissemble your tank and valve, perform an inspection of all the components and inside the tank. Your valve will be also cleaned and serviced so everything is ready to go.

Regulator Service (1st and 2nd stages)

Your first and second stages must be serviced at least once a year, or after a long time without being used. Models and brands greately vary, but our technicians are familiarized with most of the brands and will be able to help you! We count with specialized tools and spare parts. Specific maintenance kits can be ordered beforehand, or you can bring your own.

General SCUBA equipment service

Whether is a leaky gauge or BCD, a burst hose or a change of configuration, we can assist too!

Low pressure infators normally require yearly maintenance to prevent leaks or self-inflating issues, specially on integrated second stage systems. We also count with spare partes such as buckles, straps, snaps, O-rings and bits and parts that can save your day while you are on holidays. Ask us!

Oxygen Service

If you are a NITROX or Technical diver, you are probably familiar with this already. An O2 clean valve or first stage is easily rule #1 in any diver’s safety. We count with ultrasonic cleaners, special chemicals and UV lights that can spot and get rid of all those nasty hydrocarbons that might hide from plain sight.