No matter whether you are looking to begin your diving career, or to expand your limits beyond recreational diving. At Blue Nation we have the answers you need. A wide range of core courses and specialties are available. We commit to the highest standards when it comes to teaching and the formation of our instructors. You will receive a thourough tuition during and after the course. Read about our philosophy here.

What do I choose?

NAUI and PADI Courses

NAUI and PADI are two of the most relevant diving agencies in the world. When it comes to choose a course from one agency or the other, the answer is usually the same: choose the better diveshop/instructor!

So, does the agency really matter? In most cases, good instruction provided, it’s a matter of preferences. Most recreational courses are regulated by the same international agreement of minimun standards, which is backed up by organizations such ISO and the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council). This ensures that you will learn what you need to learn to be a succesful and safe SCUBA Diver. SO, again, what is the difference then? Agencies have their own added complementary  standards, community and philosophy.

PADI is the largest agency. It tends to rely more on teaching and educational material, has flexible equipment standards and its widely associated with the tourism industry.

NAUI is one of the oldest agencies. It tends to rely more on the instructor and allows for more material and teaching flexibility. It’s more commonly associated with academic and scientific background and counts with a DIR oriented  community. Both NAUI and PADI certifications are equally accepted worldwide. Please, contact us if you require specific information, we are glad to answer all your questions!

Aside from the agency standards, in Blue Nation have our own: we are a DIR oriented diveshop (learn more about ‘Doing It Right’ principles here), meaning that we focus on creating good and coherent divers. This is treated as a whole in every course you take with us, regardless of the agency.

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Recreational Courses

Wet & fun!
The entry level

Open Water SCUBA Diver

Course summary:

  • Theoretical sessions
  • Confined water session(s)
  • 5 dives NAUI / 4 dives PADI
  • Full equipment included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 4 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read at bottom of page)

Duration (approximate) & prices:

  • E-learning:
    NAUI 3 days $12,250 MXN
    PADI 3 days $12,250 MXN
  • Referral:
    NAUI 3 days $8,550 MXN
    PADI 3 days $8,550 MXN

The minimum required age for this course is 14 years old. Depending on modality, may require you to pay a supplementary fee directly to the certifying agency.

This is where all begins. As the first SCUBA course you will take, this is probably the most important course you will take, since it will affect the way you take further dives and courses. Here you will learn the foundations of diving equipment, basic physiology and physics and of course a lot of underwater skills! The course is great fun and provides a lot of in-water practice aside from the theoretical sessions.

There are two ways you can take the course:

  • E-learning: you will take the theory online at your own pace. The course has its own online educational portal and your instructor at Blue Nation will be readily available to answer all your doubts. When the theory is done you will take the practical bit with us in person. This option is ideal if you don’t have much time to spend here.
  • Referral: if you have done the theory and confined water sessions somewhere else and want to complete your training with us, there is an option for you as well. All you need is a referral form issued by your instructor, send it to us and we will arrange the rest for you! A common choice for those that prefer taking training at their local dive shop and have more diving time on their holidays in Loreto.
Expanding the limits

Advanced SCUBA Diver

Course summary:

  • Theoretical session(s)
  • 5 dives PADI / 6 dives NAUI
  • Full equipment included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 4 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read at bottom of page)

Duration (approximate) & prices:

  • PADI E-learning, 2.5 days $12,250 MXN
  • NAUI E-learning, 3.5 days $12,250 MXN

This course requires a minimum of 20 dives before enrolling.

This course covers more advanced diving techniques and scenarios, like underwater navigation, advanced buoyancy and propulsion, thorough dive planning etc. You will also be trained to go beyond the 60 feet / 18 meters mark in a safe manner hence opening the door to hundreds of new dive sites. Night diving, wrecks, drift dives, wall dives, etc., will be now within the rich of your hand…I mean fins!

The course focus mainly on underwater practice, backed up with dive-specific theory. We will emphasize team work, procedures, usage of new equipment and fine-tuning of your underwater skills, all this to allow you to enjoy a greater variety of dives in an independent, safe manner.

This is a key course that will allow you to pursue further training in a number of specialties and more complex dives.

Take care of yourself and your dive mates

Rescue Diver

Course summary:

  • PADI courses
  • Theoretical sessions
  • In-water sessions
  • Full equipment included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 4 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read at bottom of page)

Duration (approximate) :

  • Rescue Diver 4 days: $11,400 MXN
  • Rescue Diver + EFR 5 days: $14,440 MXN

You probably have heard that the Rescue diver course is one of the most valuable and rewarding courses that a diver can take. And it’s true.

Diving done right is a very safe activity, but case something goes south, it’s you and your buddies there the only ones readily available to fix it. Being able to transform a potentially disastrous situation into a consequence-free anecdote is probably the most important skill that a diver has.

This formation will train you in rescue techniques, in and out of the water. You will learn how to identify a potentially dangerous situation and how to react to it in the right manner, providing an effective rescue and appropiate care.

You must be trained in CPR and First Response before the course. You are not? No worries! Take the Rescue Diver + Emergency First Response combo!

Specialty Courses

Deep-in knowledge
Come to the right (and left) side

Sidemount Diver

Course summary:

  • PADI course
  • Theoretical sessions
  • Confined water session(s)
  • 2 open water dives
  • Full equipment included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 4 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read at bottom of page)

Duration (approximate) :

  • Sidemount diver, 3 days $9,500 MXN

Have you ever wondered what are those divers doing carrying two tanks on the sides? It’s called sidemount, and it’s an increasingly popular way of diving.

The sidemount configuration was born in overhead environments, like caves or wrecks, where divers needed to streamline their gear in order to pass through tight squeezes and narrow gaps. The configuration has proven itself to be not only effective in those environments, but also in other types of diving. Many recreational divers find sidemount configuration more comfortable and streamlined that the regular backmounted single tank. It also provides equipment redundancy (2 independent air sources) and since most of the times a diver go for a two tank trip, they found that this way they don’t need to change tanks in between dives. And of course, if you love diving  wrecks or caves, you must take this!

Of course, carrying two tanks, two regs and a specific harness makes everything a bit more complex. At Blue Nation we’ll teach you all you need to know to start diving sidemount safely.

The longer the dive, the merrier

Enriched Air NITROX

Course summary:

  • NAUI and PADI available
  • Theoretical & practical session
  • No need to get in the water, unless you’d like to 😉

Duration & prices:

  • Course, 1 day: $3,800 MXN
  • Course + 2 Nitrox dives, 2 days: $6,422 MXN

NITROX or EANx, they are all abreviations for Enriched Air. As the name suggests, it’s regular air with added oxygen in the mix, which results in a lesser percentage of nitrogen.

Less nitrogen means longer bottom times and less inert gas build-up, which can also reduce considerably your surface intervals between dives. The difference can be huge, specially if you are diving several times a day, or several days on a row. If this is the case, you want to take this course. You will learn how to plan a NITROX dive, and how to correctly analyze and label an enriched air tank, among other things.

The course doesn’t require you to get wet, but we also offer a special enriched dive package, which includes the course and two dives. Take the class and see the difference for yourself!.

Help others and save the day

First Aid and CPR

Course summary:

  • PADI course
  • Aimed for general public
  • Theoretical & practical session
  • No need to get into the water

Duration (approximate) & prices:

  • Course, 1 day $3,800 MXN

Being able to help somebody and maybe even save his life. This is by far one of the most valuable skills a person can learn.

This course is aimed for the general public. You will learn how to handle an emergency and to provide a correct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and rescue breath, among other important skills. Your instructor will guide you through all possible scenarios, following the most updated protocols. If you are already trained on Emergency First Response and CPR but need a refresh, we can help too! Protocols and techniques change every couple of years.

Despite the seriousness of the subject, the class is lots of fun and apt for everybody!

But there is more!

Other Specialty Courses

Deep diving
NAUI $8,550 MXN  /  PADI $9,500 MXN

  • 4 dives, 3 days

Wreck diving
NAUI $8,550 MXN  /  PADI $9,500 MXN

  • 4 dives, 3 days

Night diving
NAUI $8,550 MXN  /  PADI $9,500 MXN

  • 3 dives, 2 days

Dry suit diving

  • 2 dives, 2 days

Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • 2 dives, 2 days

Drift diving
PADI $4,940 MXN

  • 2 dives, 2 days


Have a look to our special try-dives for certified divers! Try sidemount, doubles or DIR configuration dives and learn something new.

Click on this link to find out more.

Leadership Courses

Become a Dive Pro
Leader and role model


Divemasters are the foundations of the diving industry. Their job is not only to guide divers, but to plan the dive, foresee problems by minimizing the risk and maximizing the fun. There is a great deal of responsibility, and divemasters need to be up to date with their skills and emergency procedures.

Would you trust a professional whose certification was obtained after a couple of weeks of training? Probably not!

Traditional courses do not provide a sufficient time for a diver to become a confident, capable professional. This, and somewhat low certification standards, are making possible to find poorly trained professionals more often than is desired.

At Blue Nation we are commited to the betterment of the diving industry, and the profession we love. This is why we only teach and form new divemasters under internship programs. This manner we make sure the applicants have a decent time to learn and master skills, and to participate in real life work scenarios and variated diving environments.

If you want to become a dive professional with us don’t hesitate on reaching out 😉

Additional Information

So you don't stop learning

Alumni Perks

Have you completed a course with us? Great! You might be entitled to our special “alumni” perks! At Blue Nation we want to ease your way through your diving career and keep you in the loop of continuous formation. Keep reading to find out all the goods we have for you!

10% discount on further courses

Within one full year after the completion of the course.

15% discount in your next 2 tank trip

If you do it right after the course, so there is no excuse to put those new skills into work!

Discounted diving equipment

If you buy dive gear right  before the course or within the next 6 months.

Free dive counseling & assessment
  • Free video/image compilation of you performance during the course
  • Free follow-up and assessment of your skills after the course. Ask us questions, send us videos or images and we will put you in the right direction!
  • Desinterested dive equipment advice

Before you enroll in a course:

  • Prices in Mexican pesos (MXN).
  • The minimum required age for courses can range from 14 to 18 years. Minors should check with us before enrolling in any course.
  • The duration stated in each course is approximate and may vary depending on weather, student performance or availability. 
  • As a legal requirement, students must complete a medical questionary before the beginning of the course. Some cases might require a medical clearance.  You can read the form here.
  • Please, read the Terms & Conditions for more information. There is important stuff there!