The Loreto Bay National Park (PNBL) has all you may wish from the Sea of Cortez: it’s located in an ideal setting, far from the buzz and pollution of heavily exploited areas and naturally protected by its 5 main islands. The sea is often as flat as a glass pane and teeming with life: seals, whales, mantas, dolphins and of course thousands of fish will greet you in your way to the islands.

Here we have listed some (but not all) of the most popular dive and snorkel sites. You can click on the names to expand the information and see pictures.

You won't want to leave!

Exploring the PNBL

The 5 islands of the Bay are: Coronado, Carmen, Danzante, Monserrate and Catalana.

Coronado is an ancient (and extinct) volcano, eroded by wind and sea and resulting in an intrincate coastline. The north side of the island consists on steep cliffs and incredible lava formations.

The south side offers the prettiest sandy beaches and calmer waters, ideal for swimmers and snorkelers alike.

Carmen island is the biggest and the highest. Unlike its small sister Coronado, isla del Carmen is a continuation of the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range and its topography way more variated. Isla del Carmen has it all, from high limestone cliffs and caverns, to secluded bays, deep underwater walls, pinnacles etc. It even has its own abbandoned town  on its east side!

Danzante island is the steepest and most dramatic of them all. Although not as high as del Carmen, its cliffs and rugged terrain will amaze you as you sail along its coastline.

Montserrat and Catalina are the farthest ones and less visited. Their remote location (specially Catalana) has keep them isolated from thousands of years and created an Eden of life, under and above water.