Nice to Meet You

Please come in!

Blue Nation is a small, family based diveshop, founded in 2018 in the beautiful Loreto, Baja California Sur.
We are a small team of young people that love and respect the Ocean and that eventually decided to make their passion also their profession. After many years of dreaming about running our own operation, we took a step forward so we could do things our own way, and do them right! Our logo intends to represent this, the awe before the Ocean, its gentle inhabitants and how all together we are one connected whole. The Blue Nation.
It's our pleasure to meet you. Please, share this journey with us! We sincerely hope you enjoy the ride as much as we do.


Hola amigo! We are Monica and Yago, your jolly hosts!
This mexican-spanish couple here on the left will do their best to make you feel at home. Monica is probably the first face you'll see when you come over (thank God) and will take care of you like you were family. She can arrange all your trips and give good advice on everything you might need, specially food. She is such a foodie!
Yago will look after you while you are at the sea. He will butler you around so you stay at ease and will show you the cool stuff! When he is not busy he likes to pose majestically over the boat's bow while looking over yonder, or so they say!
If you have had a good day out in the sea we'd love to share some beers with you after! If not, I guess the drinks are on us!


Our little shop is located in Plaza Mision Loreto, downtown really close from the "Mision Nuestra Señora de Loreto".
It is a really cozy corner, normally warmed by the smiley Monica. The place serves as a booking and information desk, but also has a small classroom in the back and articles and souvenirs for sale. Don't miss our handcrafted goods section! We love to do things ourselves, and really enjoy bringing a bit of ourselves in everything we do.
We wanted our shop to be set in a nice environment where you can grab a book or two from our shelf and chill for a bit, talk about your dives and get to know each other.
Our shop is a bit like our home, and we would like you to feel as such. In the same "plaza" you can also find art galleries, souvenirs and a bar, and it's literally 2 minutes walk from the main square.


Recreational divers, beginners, snorkelers, advanced and tech divers... we have though of all of you!

Dive gear
We have hand-picked all our equipment from different brands in order to satisfy all of you by providing attention to detail. We count with traditional jacket style BCDs as well as backplate + harness configurations.
All our regulators come with DIN connections (no more leaky adapters!), but those who feel more familiar with yoke systems will have an option too. Long hose, tech and sidemount configurations can ve provided, as well as O2 compatible regs.

All our tanks are made of aluminium and are dutyly maintained. We have 80, 60 and 40 cubic feet / 12, 10, 7 liter sizes and all of them come with modular valves that can take both DIN and yoke regulators.
Twinset rigs and sidemount tanks can also be arranged.

Fill station
What is a dive centre without a good compressor?
BAUER is arguably the highest quality compressor manufacturer in the world, and we wanted no less for the air we breathe everyday!
Our fill station is set in a closed, air conditioned room, isolated from dust and pollutants. Filters and oil are monitored and changed regularly. We also count with a design that allows us to connect an additional filter panel to increase safety when blending. We also count with the experience and qualifications required to perform oxygen and helium mixes, making us one of the few stations of this kind in Baja, and the only one in Loreto.


Half of a dive centre is their boats. Here at Blue Nation we have personally designed our own, and because we are so fun we called it The Aguacuate! It means "Water Buddy", but sounds like "Avocado" in spanish, ain't we smart?
The 26 foot long hull can comfortably fit up to 8 divers plus 2 crew members, and all the equipment for 2 dives plus spares. The boat was built having snorkelers and divers in mind, so we count with a wider deck and ample space around the aisles. The centered tank rack and main bench provide more stability in rough seas and shelter from splashes, leaving the edges clear for quick backrolls into the water, so you don't have to wait in your wetsuit. Below the seats there is plenty of room for fins and bags so nobody trips on anything!
We also count with seats over the bow that are ideal for easy cruising or just chilling.
Is it a hot sunny day? No probs! Our ample shade will keep you UV protected.
Last but no least, we count with two 115 HP Suzuki outboard motors, providing that extra power and safety that makes a good boat an excellent one, and a must for longer distance trips and rough seas. Distances can be great in Baja, the shorter the ride, the longer the dive!
We can say hands down that this is the best and the safest dive boat there is in the area. We love our little Aguacuate!