The Historical Capital of California

Where Baja begins

Loreto is a small town located in Baja California Sur and right next to the Sea of Cortez.
Far from the noisy buzz of Los Cabos and quite different from its more commercial neighbour La Paz, Loreto has become a true paradise for the visitors, and a safe haven for the numerous animals that inhabit its nature.
Although natives lived in the area for centuries, the town was not founded until 1697, when the "misioneros" arrived to this land and constituted the first capital of California. The "mision de Loreto" was the first of many "misiones" and today it overlooks the town centre and the sea, making for excellent postcard-like photo opportunities.
Loreto still lives a quiet life in a small community, but tourists have slowly become part of it. Now the place is renowned for its history and nature, and has become a reference on sustainable eco-toursim practices and activities.
The town is flanked by the sea on one side, and the Sierra de la Giganta on the other. The scenery is breathtaking and probably one of the most beautiful places in the entire peninsula.
What makes Loreto one of the best places in Baja

Eco-tourism Heaven

Loreto is not only an eye-candy location in Baja. It stands out over the rest because its favoured location and nature loving community, making our little town a prime destination for outdoor activity and eco-tourism lovers. These are some facts:

- Loreto is one of the only two "Pueblos Mágicos" (Magic Town) in the entire Baja California. This accolade is only granted to those places with a remarkable cultural and natural value across Mexico.

- It has received the Silver EarthCheck certificate, meaning that we are a sustainable and eco-friendly community and tourism destination.

- The islands of the Sea of Cortez are recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage areas, and its wetlands by the RAMSAR convention and are now protected.

- The Loreto Bay National Park is one of the largest marine reserves in the entire country.

- Unlike most of the places around the Cortez, the three main islands in the Loreto Bay are really closeby and can be reached after a short boat ride, leaving more time for the real fun!

- Aside from its natural wonders, Loreto hosts a number of national and international events, like marathons, off-road races, gastronomic fairs and fishing tournaments.

History, charming towns & breathtaking landscapes

Sierra de la Giganta

Sierra de la Giganta (Range of the Giants) is an accurate name for our neighbouring mountainous range. High as almost 1700 meters, it makes for an impressive background. The Sierra covers the horizon as far as the eye can reach, mountains sitting on top of one another. It's probably the most representative image of what Baja looks like, it has it all! Red and green cannyons, waterfalls and cascades, water ponds, lush oasis made of palm name it!
Loreto sits right on the base, next to the mountain skirt and all this is easily reached from town.
Pieces of history can be found on the way, like the "Mision de San Javier", located in a valley flanked by hills and mountains, and ancient rock paintings made by the original natives, the "pericues", hundreds of years ago.
Follow the Sierra north on the coast side and you will find whimsical bays, like the gorgeous Concepcion Bay and its dozens of islets, or picturesque villages like Mulege, located in an oasis next to the sea.
Don't take our word for it, go and explore the area yourself. You won't be disappointed!