Going beyond recreational limits can be, in almost every occassion, incredibly thrilling. The depths of the Sea of Cortez remain always unspoilt and unexplored and very often will reward us with unexpected landscapes and life forms. From solitary sharks amd thick black coral forests to deep walls and formidable pinnacles. Technical diving in Baja is barely developed, but counts with a small but dedicated community that is determined to bring you the best that the Cortez has to offer.

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Tech Diving

Deep below
Visit the depths of the Cortez

Tech dive trips


  • Boat tour
  • Twinset/SM tanks & weights
  • Home-made drinks & snacks
  • 1 dive
  • Emergency & spare equipment
  • Qualified guide
  • Marine Park fees

*Gas mixes and equipment rental are not included

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There are several good spots for technical divers around the three main islands of the Loreto Bay National Park.

There are deep walls and pinnacles, black coral forests and deep seamounts among other attractions. Many dives can be enjoyed within recreational depth limits but for an extended bottom time. The underwater scenery gets incredibly variated here, making long and deep drift dives totally worthwhile.

Deco shouldn’t be boring neither! The shallows offer an unmatched life diversity and plenty of shelter for an effective decompression.

The trip also includes a short tour around the Park where we can stop and relax with some snacks after the dive, or even do some snorkeling.

*Please note that tech dives must be booked with at least 48 hours in advance.


For the avid diver

Technical Diving Training

for serious divers
Learn the foundations

Intro to Tech

Course summary:

  • Theoretical sessions
  • 4 open water dives
  • Full equipment included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 3 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read more)

Duration (minimum):

  • 3 full days

This is your first step into technical diving. You will geared up with a set of two tanks and standard tech configuration, ready to jump into the water!

There is some classroom time where you will learn about the equipment and specific skills, then we will get wet and practice a lot with the gear underwater. After every dive, we will video review your performance before we move on to the next dive. This is a demanding course where you learn the foundations that will enable you to keep training and become a solid tech diver.

Contrary to what is believed, this is a great course for recreational divers as well. Even if you don’t expect to carry on with your technical diving formation, this is great knowledge and you can still benefit from the advantages of this configuration in your recreational dives.

Expanding the limits

Decompression diver

Course summary:

  • Theoretical sessions
  • 4 open water dives
  • Twinset cylinders included
  • Marine Park fees
  • 3 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read more)

Duration (minimum):

  • 4 full days

Being able to add decompression to your dive plan is a powerful tool that will open the door for a whole new world of dive sites.

This course is heavy loaded with theory and much in-water practice. Although it can be demanding, this is one of the most rewarding courses you can take, and the possibilities it opens are endless.

You will learn to become a proficent, independent diver. We will especially focus on team procedures, situational awareness and in-water problem solving. And let’s not forget about doing a proper deco 😉

This course will entitle you to use oxygen mixes up to 100% for your deco gases, in dives no deeper than 40 meters / 130 feet.

You must have a NITROX certification before taking the course

Deep, deeper, deepest

Helitrox & Trimix Diver

Course summary:

  • Theoretical session
  • 2 open water dives
  • Twinset cylinders
  • Marine Park fees
  • 3 students max.
  • Alumni perks (read more)

Duration (minimum):

  • 4 full days

So you are ready to go deeper! Great!

Adding helium to your mixes is the last step to conquer the depts of the ocean. Now you will be able to go beyond the recreational depth limit and explore dives that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Your first step is the Helitrox course, that will enable you to use helium + enriched air mixes and get to 46 meters / 150 feet deep.

The Trimix course will expand this limit even more, allowing you to attain depths as deep as 61 meters / 200 feet. With great power comes a great responsability, and at Blue Nation we are ready to help you reach your goals.

Additional Information


Technical diving courses are priced on a daily rate. The duration stated in each course is a standard and may serve as a reference to calculate pricing. Although this time is typically enough to achieve the course goals, different performance between students might slightly modify the duration of the program. The rates go as follows:

  • $3,040 MXN for a half day
  • $4,180 MXN for a full day

*Gas mixes are not included 

Equipment rental
Regulator set (2) $420 MXN
Wing + backplate + harness $380 MXN
Stage regulator (O2 compatible) $230 MXN
Twinset cylinders $420 MXN
Stage tank 40/80 cc + rigging $230 MXN
Light + wrist mount $190 MXN
Full technical rig (wing + backplate + harness + regulator set + twinset) $1,140 MXN
Gas mixes

Oxygen and Helium mixes are available on request. Becuse the logistics involved,  this must be done with as much notice as possible. Prices will be tailor made depending on your needs.

Before you enroll in a course:

  • Prices in Mexican pesos (MXN).
  • The minimum required age for tech diving courses is 18 years old. 
  • The duration stated in each course is approximate and may vary depending on weather, student performance or availability. 
  • As a legal requirement, students must complete a medical questionary before the beginning of the course. Some cases might require a medical clearance.  You can read the form here.
  • Please, read the Terms & Conditions for more information. There is important stuff there!