Blue Nation Baja

Mount Eden deep exploration

Mount Eden is a deep seamount locates north of Loreto. The site was well known by fishermen but was never dove before. The shallowest part of the site is 130 feet / 40 meters deep and it slopes down to more than 180 feet / 60 meters.

The mount is covered with a thick forest of black coral and the amount of life is unparalleled in the Loreto Bay National Park. The seamount is home for many schooling fish and predators, like amberjacks. Great groups of all sorts of rays are seen everytime, and turtles are common inhabitants of this reef. Further exploration is required in the range of 130+ feet /40+ meters.

Given the relative remote location of the spot, lack of mooring and unpredictable currents, this dive requiere a push team with twinsets and deco gases, mid-water support and surface support.