Blue Nation Baja


  • Buceo en tiempos del Corona

    A medida que se propaga la pandemia COVID-19, hemos sido testigos de cambios profundos en nuestro estilo de vida y en nuestras rutinas diarias. El virus llegó para quedarse y el mundo está encontrando nuevas formas de integrar esta nueva realidad en nuestras vidas a medida que volvemos a la llamada “nueva normalidad”. El turismo … Continue reading

  • Abismo Esmeralda

    In the late April 2019, the expedition took us north of Loreto, beyond the limits of the National Park. In the past we have sought that area as the topography (both under and above water) is spectacular and has gifted us with some amazing dive sites.

    On the way we were greeted by 3 humpback whales … Continue reading

  • El Dedo de Neptuno

    A while ago, we decided we would be heading south of the National Park.

    Past Danzante island there is a wide region with abundance of seamounts and pinnacles. Although the area is popular among fishermen, is not very often dove, as dive operators tend to stick with closer and more convenient spots. We like remote and … Continue reading

  • Discover the Sea of Cortez

    Have you ever been in a place where you could see whales, dolphins, sea lions, tropical fish, manta rays all in the same place? Well, then you probably were somewhere in the Gulf of California!
    Loreto is a renowned destination for divers, snorkelers and sea lovers in general. The Loreto Bay National Park is one of … Continue reading

  • Playing with the Sea Lions

    Sea lions are probably the most interactive animales that can be found in our waters. They live in colonies along the coast and offshore islands and frequently approach to play with the visitors. Loreto counts with two colonies, one of them at only 15 minutes from the marina. Check the video below and you will … Continue reading