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  • Exploración profunda del Monte Edén

    “Monte Edén” es un monte submarino profundo al norte de Loreto. El sitio ya era ampliamente conocido por los pescadores locales, pero nunca había sido buceado con anterioridad. La parte mas somera empieza a los 40 metros de profundidad, pero cae hasta mas de 60.

    El bajo esta cubierto de bosques de coral negro y la … Continue reading

  • Search for the Bioluminescence

    Date: 1-August-2018

    Meeting time: 19:30 Loreto’s marina

    Duration: 3-4 hours

    Description: We go out to Coronado Island to locate the best spot to see the bioluminiscence at the sea and underwater.

    Shared: Fuel + captain (if required) to be shared by the team

    Per person: Marine park passes (if not a local): 40 MXN. SCUBA tank (if diving): 100 MXN. Special rates for … Continue reading

  • Exploración profunda en Coronados Norte

    La Isla Coronados es un antiguo volcán extinto. La lava fluyó por todos lados, solidificándose de las maneras mas espectaculares. La cara norte de la isla es quizá la mejor zona para bucear, presentando increíbles acantilados y formaciones. Las paredes de lava caen profundo, creando un hábitat perfecto para bosques de coral negro y grandes … Continue reading

  • Discover the Sea of Cortez

    Have you ever been in a place where you could see whales, dolphins, sea lions, tropical fish, manta rays all in the same place? Well, then you probably were somewhere in the Gulf of California!
    Loreto is a renowned destination for divers, snorkelers and sea lovers in general. The Loreto Bay National Park is one of … Continue reading

  • Playing with the Sea Lions

    Sea lions are probably the most interactive animales that can be found in our waters. They live in colonies along the coast and offshore islands and frequently approach to play with the visitors. Loreto counts with two colonies, one of them at only 15 minutes from the marina. Check the video below and you will … Continue reading