Blue Nation Baja


  • Bottom Clean-ups

    The Sea of Cortez is still in relative good shape compared to most of the seas in the world, but overfishing is becoming an issue, and fishing debris is severely affecting some reefs.

    Fishing lines tangle around coral heads and damage them, creating a wound that might be fatal to the colony. Ropes, lines and hooks… Continue reading

  • Mount Eden deep exploration

    Mount Eden is a deep seamount locates north of Loreto. The site was well known by fishermen but was never dove before. The shallowest part of the site is 130 feet / 40 meters deep and it slopes down to more than 180 feet / 60 meters.

    The mount is covered with a thick forest of… Continue reading

  • Deep Reef documentation

    There is a number of deep drop-offs and seamount scattered around the National Park. The volcanic north coast of Coronados island, with its impressive cliffs and dramatic formations offer lava walls that drop down deep, creating the perfect habitat for black coral forests and big fish. Piedras Blancas is one of the most amazing dives in… Continue reading